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480 G/L Glyphosate SL

China herbicide 480 G/L Glyphosate SL manufacturer-CHANGZHOU GOOD-JOB BIOCHEMICAL
Herbicida Paraquat 200 G/L SL

China Herbicida Paraquat 200 G/L SL manufacturer- CHANGZHOU GOOD-JOB BIOCHEMICAL Trade names for products containing Paraquat include GRAMOXONE SUPER 20 SL, Agroquat 20 SL, Ati-La 20 SL, Bioquat 20 SL, Boa 20 SL, Cafesaquat 20 SL, Casaku 20 SL, Cañamina Paraquat 20 SL, Clorsint Paraquat 20 SL, Diatex Paraquat 20 SL, Fedexone 20 SL, Formuquat 20 SL, Fuego 20 SL, Gramecoop 20 SL, Graminex 20 SL, Malexon 20 SL, Marman Paraquat 20 SL, Paraquat 20 SL, Pilarxone 20 SL, Pillarxone 20 SL, Quatxone 20 SL, Radex D 20 SL, Rimaxone 20 SL, Serecsa Paraquat 20 SL, Seraxone 20 SL. It may be used in formulations with other herbicidas
50% Acetochlor EC Herbicide for peanut field

50% Acetochlor EC Herbicide for peanut field
480 G/L bentazone soluble concentrate Herbicide for rice field

480 G/L bentazone soluble concentrate Herbicide for rice field


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1. Is Changzhou Good-job Biochemical Co., Ltd a manufacturer or a trader?

We are an integrated company focusing on manufacturing and exportation Both for Pesticide technical and formulation. In our manufacture base, we are professional in processing many forms of formulations, mixtures for crop protection products. We also have advantage on product sub package according to customer’s requirement. With professional team Both in trade and agrochemical manufacturing fields, we can supply various formulations and technical of pesticides according to the requirements of our customers’ worldwide.    


2. What products do we strongly recommend to our customers?

Based on many years experience, we strongly recommend our customers our strong products such as : Glyphosate, paraquat, 2,4-d, Atrazine, simazine, Abamectin, Bifenthrin, Buprofezin, Carbaryl, Carbofuran, Chlorpyrifos, Cypermethrin,Diazinon, Dimethoate, Endosulfan, Emamectin Benzoate, Bifenthrin,  Buprofezin,Chlorpyrifos, Cypermethrin, Dimethoate, Endosulfan, Emamectin Benzoate, Fenvalerate, Fipronil, Imidacloprid, Lambda-Cyhalothrin, Malathion, Methomyl, Permethrin, Benomyl Carbendazim,Chlorothalonil, Fosetyl-Aluminium, Isoprothiolane, Kresoxim-Methyl, Mancozeb and etc . If you are interested any of them, you are free to contact us for more details.


3. What formulations and what Package can we supply?

We can supply diverse kinds of formulations on regular basis such as wettable powder (WP), water dispersible granules (WDG), water soluble powder (SP),suspension concentrate(SC), flowable concentrate for seed treatment (FS), soluble concentrate (SL), emulsifiable concentrate(EC), micro-emulsion(ME)  etc. Based On Customer-Centric Principle, we can affords our customer various kinds of packing such as Aluminium Tin, Aluminium Bottle, Fibre Drum, CO-EX Bottle & Drum, HDPE Bottle & Drum, F-HDPE Bottle & Drum, PVF Iron Drum, Woven Bag, Aluminium Bag, Schutz Drum And Etc., Size various from 50 g,100g, 200g,500g,1 kg,5 kg ,25 kgs to 600 kgs for solid and 100 ML, 250 ML ,500 ML. 1 L,5 L,10 L,20L to 200L for liquid formulation.


4. To what quality standard are your products according?

Our products are all according to FAO specifications, and we could also sign an agreement with a SGS inspection for specific item.


5. What services do we supply?

We supply quality services according to the customers’ demand such as manufacturing, registration cooperation and formulation processing and all OEM service. We are willing to take any challenge to meet your needs with all efforts.


6. Are samples supplied?

Yes, Free customerized sample is available. You are free to contact us for samples.