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480 G/L Glyphosate SL

China herbicide 480 G/L Glyphosate SL manufacturer-CHANGZHOU GOOD-JOB BIOCHEMICAL
Herbicida Paraquat 200 G/L SL

China Herbicida Paraquat 200 G/L SL manufacturer- CHANGZHOU GOOD-JOB BIOCHEMICAL Trade names for products containing Paraquat include GRAMOXONE SUPER 20 SL, Agroquat 20 SL, Ati-La 20 SL, Bioquat 20 SL, Boa 20 SL, Cafesaquat 20 SL, Casaku 20 SL, Cañamina Paraquat 20 SL, Clorsint Paraquat 20 SL, Diatex Paraquat 20 SL, Fedexone 20 SL, Formuquat 20 SL, Fuego 20 SL, Gramecoop 20 SL, Graminex 20 SL, Malexon 20 SL, Marman Paraquat 20 SL, Paraquat 20 SL, Pilarxone 20 SL, Pillarxone 20 SL, Quatxone 20 SL, Radex D 20 SL, Rimaxone 20 SL, Serecsa Paraquat 20 SL, Seraxone 20 SL. It may be used in formulations with other herbicidas
50% Acetochlor EC Herbicide for peanut field

50% Acetochlor EC Herbicide for peanut field
480 G/L bentazone soluble concentrate Herbicide for rice field

480 G/L bentazone soluble concentrate Herbicide for rice field


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Diesel Generator E Series

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Product features

AS emergency power, it can help to solve power failure rapidly. Light, 4-wheels is the best choice for outdoor working.

High conversion rate:100% copper alternator, class F insulation, high conversion rate.

Stable output:Smart AVR controller ensures stable voltage and less voltage waveform distortion.

Digital panel:Digital intelligent control panel with display of voltage, frequency and running time, makes easy maintenance.

Easy carrying:An open frame configuration means it’s easy to move and use.

Wide application:Various output sockets are available to meet all customers’ requirements  


Sample test is supported

MOQ: 20 units

Customized functions available

Warranty period is one year or 500 hours.

Spare parts damaged because of our quality can be replaced free of charge;

One-stop supply of machine and spare parts and provide technical support;

Many extra service available for long-term cooperators.


Extra support for  machines distributors:

7*24 hours phone support

With YARMAX products, you can get support and help from YARMAX over the phone or on-line contacting if you encounter software or hardware problems.Professional after sales staff will give you a quick solution to the problem.


Free technical training

Using YARMAX's products, you can get training about how to use and and how to maintain the machined by on-line directions, or via video provided by Yarmax.


Global spare parts Support

Using YARMAX products, users can buy spare parts of YARMAX original machines in Yarmax agent shops, the original machine accessories can guarantee the quality and perfectly match of the machines


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