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480 G/L Glyphosate SL

China herbicide 480 G/L Glyphosate SL manufacturer-CHANGZHOU GOOD-JOB BIOCHEMICAL
Herbicida Paraquat 200 G/L SL

China Herbicida Paraquat 200 G/L SL manufacturer- CHANGZHOU GOOD-JOB BIOCHEMICAL Trade names for products containing Paraquat include GRAMOXONE SUPER 20 SL, Agroquat 20 SL, Ati-La 20 SL, Bioquat 20 SL, Boa 20 SL, Cafesaquat 20 SL, Casaku 20 SL, Cañamina Paraquat 20 SL, Clorsint Paraquat 20 SL, Diatex Paraquat 20 SL, Fedexone 20 SL, Formuquat 20 SL, Fuego 20 SL, Gramecoop 20 SL, Graminex 20 SL, Malexon 20 SL, Marman Paraquat 20 SL, Paraquat 20 SL, Pilarxone 20 SL, Pillarxone 20 SL, Quatxone 20 SL, Radex D 20 SL, Rimaxone 20 SL, Serecsa Paraquat 20 SL, Seraxone 20 SL. It may be used in formulations with other herbicidas
50% Acetochlor EC Herbicide for peanut field

50% Acetochlor EC Herbicide for peanut field
480 G/L bentazone soluble concentrate Herbicide for rice field

480 G/L bentazone soluble concentrate Herbicide for rice field


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